IT [Information Technology]

Information technology (IT) covers any form of technology, that is, any equipment or technique used by a company, institution, or any other organization which handles information. The term information technology was coined probably in the late 1970s to refer to this nexus of computer-based technologies for handling information. It incorporates computing, telecommunication technologies, and includes consumer electronics and broadcasting as it is getting more and more digitized. 

Importantly, these technologies have the potential to serve all people. Information technologies are flexible and have the potential to be accessible to anyone who can understand their use. People with vision, hearing, physical, and cognitive limitations should be able to use information technologies. This is most often achieved with adaptive hardware, software, and services that can be added to personal and public equipment such as telephones, computers, and kiosks. The designers of information technologies should also address the needs and abilities of people with disabilities by adding features that facilitate accessibility. This can be achieved through more widespread use of universal design in which as many people as possible including people with disabilities use these specially designed products. Currently, universal design is being incorporated into the design of many but not all Web pages and into the design of publicly accessed equipment such as electronic kiosks.